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Our growing database allows users to identify emerging and existing players in Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability. Find entities ranging from new renewable energy technologies to community grassroots development

NameValue PropositionCategorySub-categoryEntity TypeCountryProvince/StateYear FoundedEmployeesTagsProfile
Eco-Solid Group
Our company provides Waste Management and Event Cleanup services which incorporate sustainable practices. We aim to use eco-friendly cleaning products and manage waste in a responsible mannerĀ 
Waste Management
Event Service
For Profit
South Africa
Eco-products, Events, Cleanup, Recycling
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Active Citizen's Movement PietermaritzburgThe Active Citizen's Movement Pietermaritzburg is a civil society formation drawn from all communities and promoting active citizenship. We aim to encourage people to take an active stance in issues affecting them, and to demand accountability from elected public officials. Social SustainabilityCommunity DevelopmentNon-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20185-10Public health, Environmental Health, EducationView Profile
K.V.M RecyclersSaving our planetWaste ManagementRecycling CentreNon-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20101-5Recycling, Youth, Unemployment alleviation
Development and Research Institute for Southern AfricaWe promote sustainable development, innovation and researchSustainable DevelopmentResearchFor ProfitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20181-5Research, Development
Sustainable Tech (Pty) LtdSustainable Technology development and applicationSustainable TechnologyDevelopmentFor ProfitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20175-10Technology, Applications development, Research, DevelopmentView Profile
The Pyrolysis GroupProcess waste plastics and oils into high-grade fuels or energyWaste ManagementEnergyFor ProfitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20185-10Recycling, Fuel, EnergyView Profile
Biko Sivananda harm reduction and seed bankMandated to reduce violent crime. We advocate for policy reform for human rightsSocial SustainabilityCommunity DevelopmentNon-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20151-5Unemployment alleviation, Human rights, Advocacy View Profile
The Litterboom Project Marine Plastic River Interception through installing River catchments (Litterbooms) and empowering locals in each of our site locations to collect, sort and recycle this ocean bound plastic pollutionWaste ManagementCommunity Development
Non-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal201720-50Oceans, Water Resources, Waste, Plastic, Recycling, Community Engagement, Training View Profile
Sibayeni MetrofarmingUsing technology systems to make Farming Easy AgricultureUrban AgricultureFor ProfitSouth AfricaGauteng20181-5Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Efficiency, Training, Irrigation, Urban SustainabilityView Profile
Swayana (Pty) LtdProject developer that commercializes clean tech in AfricaSustainable Technology DevelopmentFor ProfitSouth AfricaGauteng20161-5Technology, Engineering Design, Research, Development, Energy, FuelView Profile
Operation SongamanziOur vision is to encourage People to save water in South AfricaWater ManagementCommunity DevelopmentNon-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal201810-20Awareness, Education, Water Scarcity,View Profile
Sustainable Cities AfricaA social enterprise partnering for an
integrated, transformative & sustainable African urban future
Social SustainabilityUrban PlanningNon-profitBotswanaGabarone201510-20Planning, Infrastructure, Smart Cities, Transformation, Economic GrowthView Profile
Smartner (Pty) LtdWe source eco-friendly and sustainable products for businesses to implementSustainable ProductsRetailFor-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20191-5Product Sale, Sourcing, Green ProductsView Profile
KudotiDigital platform for efficient waste management and recycling in AfricaWaste ManagementTechnologyFor-profitSouth AfricaGauteng20181-5Applications, Collection, Services, Recycling, Municipalities, Streamlining View Profile
Jobs4MzansiSouth African Digital Platform for freelancing Social SustainabilityUnemployment AlleviationFor-profitSouth AfricaWestern Cape20201-5Digital Platform, Unemployment Alleviation, Freelancing, Alternative CareersView Profile
Social CapitalConsulting company aims at facilitating social sustainability Social SustainabilityConsulting For-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal20081-5Training, Facilitation, Corporate Governance, Ethical Sourcing, Supply Chains View Profile
GreenlightEco-friendly products for a Greener South AfricaSustainable ProductsRetailFor-profitSouth AfricaWestern Cape20165-10Product Sale, Green Products, Solar InstallationView Profile
#SeaTheBiggerPictureAn organization focused on coastal environmental education and ocean pollution awarenessWaste ManagementMarine WasteNon-profitSouth AfricaWestern Cape20185-10Oceans, Water Resources, Waste, Plastic, Recycling, Community Engagement, Training View Profile
Eco Warrior SAA supplier of Eco-friendly products, biodegradable products, reusable products, biodegradable packaging and moreSustainable ProductsRetailFor-profitSouth AfricaWestern Cape20121-5Product Sale, Sourcing, Green ProductsView Profile
The Compost KitchenWe collect organic kitchen waste from households and recycle it into vermicompost and then give it back to the customer at the end of the monthWaste ManagementOrganic WasteFor-profitSouth AfricaGauteng20191-5Food Waste, Recycling, Vermicompost, Organic FarmingView Profile
BiodegradableAn online mall of Eco companies that will assist you with planet friendly alternatives to those not so eco friendly productsSustainableRetailFor-profitSouth AfricaWestern Cape5-10Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Product Sales, Eco Office Supplies, Eco Building, Home and LifestyleView Profile
E'Yako GreenWe are passionate about supporting sustainability in South Africa through the creation of local jobs and the up-cycling and recycling of waste into products. SustainabilityRetailFor-profitSouth AfricaKwaZulu-Natal5-10Recycling, Gifts, Eco-friendly, Sustainable giftingView Profile
RegenizeWe provide a residential recycling collection service and reward residents with Remali when they recycle.Waste ManagementRecycling and Community DevelopmentFor-profitSouth AfricaWestern Cape20165-10Recycling, Waste Management, Rewarding Recycling Superheroes, Recycling, Waste Innovation, Encouraging Households to Recycle, Marketing, and AdvertisingView Profile