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What We Do

We map out and provide insight, analytics and development support to start-ups and emerging enterprises focused on providing solutions to issues in local and global sustainability 

Sustainatag is a platform for businesses, social enterprises, Investors and public institutions

We aim to create a digital ecosystem for enabling emerging players in sustainability to market their enterprises, network and harness data, scientific and engineering insight to develop and expand

How We Help

Database of Enterprises

We're creating a digital directory and map of start-ups, emerging and established businesses and non-profits involved with sustainability-driven products and services

Analytics and Data Science

We use analytics, data science and research techniques to identify key trends in markets and exposure of enterprises in our database to consumers and how to optimize products and services


Facilitation of collaborations and connections through interactive blogs and reports, comments and reviews on enterprises 

Development Support

Our team presents scientific, engineering and development expertise to assist enterprises with creation of competitive products and services 


Data analytics, reports and directories provide insights on potential investment and collaboration opportunities for private organisations and public institutions  

How it works

If your business or non-profit provides sustainable products or services as defined below, submit your details to be added to our directory

Target enterprises or non-profits
  • Green/Clean Technology developers
  • Renewable energy initiatives
  • Environmental and Water Resources Management consultancies and groups
  • Waste Management, Recycling and Up-cycling
  • Conservation
  • Rehabilitation and Ecological Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Agriculture 
  • Urban Farming 
  • Rural development and community development
  • Ergonomics
  • Food security
  • human-nature interaction 
  • Climate Finance
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Green and Circular Economy initiatives

Your information, including contact details, products and services will be listed on the digital directory for potential consumers, clients, investors and collaborators to view through the web platform and mobile application 

We will utilize research and analytics to provide you with insights into market perception, trends and opportunities to improve your products or services.   

Listed businesses and non-profits can utilize our teams expertise to assist with development of their products and services